Though the name may imply that you only need to worry about drinks, food is just as much important at a cocktail party and can add to the theme and atmosphere. In fact, food is often the best part of a cocktail party because you can experiment with many different things since you’re not serving a meal, but instead, serve many small, finger food items – or hors d’oeuvres if you prefer. This also offers variety for your guests.

One of the most common questions we receive when it comes to cocktail parties is, “how much food and drink should I buy?” Some of this depends on when you’re hosting the party. For instance, if you’re hosting the cocktail party outside of normal meal hours then you should offer five or six types of appetizers and plan one each guest eating one or two of each kind. But, during meal hours (e.g. 6 p.m.) means that guests likely won’t have eaten much or anything for dinner so you should offer enough food to count as a meal – eight to ten types of hors d’oeuvres should be good with guests eating two to three each.

As far as drinks go, most people will be happy with either beer or wine and the general rule is that they’ll drink an average of two drinks the first hour and one drink each hour after that. That’s about one bottle of wine per eight guests. And don’t forget about the non-cocktail drinkers!

Of course, you could always take care of the bar and leave the food up to us. With our convenient online ordering menu, you just have to enter the number of orders you want beside the food item, submit the order and we’ll respond with a quote within 48 hours.

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