The Never Enough Thyme kitchens are always bustling with a creative chefs looking to impress your office team, family and friends. Entertaining with no stress! Fresh local ingredients, arrive daily from local farmers, butchers, to be creatively presented in party trays , baking and take home meals.

Our From Scratch Culture

Is a desire to responsibly make food that will be enjoyed and remembered. We are the place for the memorable dinner or cake. Also the ability to fill your home with the smell of handmade soups and casseroles.

Our kitchen works hard to minimize waste and avoid single use plastics much as we can. We invite you to bring in your own containers, trays or bowls. We use jars for our soups and give money back for the next purchase of soup.

Team Spirit

Our team Is paid above minimum wage, it is trendy now to say living wage. We have always been above the standard and work towards making our work environment safe and clean at all times. Our work family if strong and talented looking to create new products and experiences for you to enjoy.


We support our community with fundraising, donations and time spent to ensure the wellness of others. Actively thinking of ways to make our kitchens more environmentally friendly. Supporting other small business owners in their daily needs or purchasing our ingredients from their unique businesses. Our Dinner in a Hurry program for a local school provides $5 from each meal to go to the Parent Council to buy much needed supplies for the children in our community.

Our Partners