Planning a post-funeral service or memorial can be overwhelming and stressful. We would love to help alleviate the stress from life’s tough events by offering our catering services in a quiet and professional manner. It’s our privilege to have worked closely with several funeral homes in Elmira and the KW area. Feel free to reach out regarding our services at any time to learn more!


Assorted sandwiches and wraps
Vegetable and dip
Fruit and cheese
Assorted pastries
$9.99/person based on 100 ppl


Baked artichoke dip
Asian rice paper rolls
Mango cashew chicken satay
Vegetable shooters
Mini wraps
Pastries $16.99/person

Additional Ideas Available

Easy Entertaining Menu

Fruit and cheese
Fresh fruit display
Vegetable and dip
Petite shower sandwiches
Trio of dips
Dessert buffet
Rice paper rolls
Antijito tray

Dinner buffets are available for delivery to your home for after service needs.

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