With warm weather in full swing, Ontarians are sure to be out on our patios and decks at every chance we get. Entertaining in your backyard is a bit different than throwing a dinner party indoors as there are a few extra things to think about when it comes to the food, drinks and general atmosphere.

First, let’s talk food, our specialty. There are two ways that barbecues can go – you can provide all of the food, or provide the meat and have guests bring side dishes like dips, salads and desserts, which is common for local barbecues. The key to dinner parties is having enough food – you can never have enough but it would be a disaster to run out. Even if you’re counting on guests to bringing something, you may want to make a bit extra too, like a salad just in case. Even if it’s not needed, you’ll have something prepared for tomorrow night’s dinner.

Never skimp on food quality – it’s often the thing that makes or breaks a party. Buy the best meat, the freshest baked goods and the perfect produce.

Always have plenty of cold liquids available, especially non-alcoholic ones when the weather is hot.

As far as the outside atmosphere goes, be mindful of the elements. Have sunscreen and umbrellas available during the day and insect repellant and citronella candles for after sunset.

If you decide to provide guests with food for the evening, have Never Enough Thyme take care of the appetizers, side dishes and desserts to relieve some of the stress so all you have to do is pick up meat and cook it your guests’s liking. Visit our website to check out our menu and online ordering option.

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