If you haven’t stopped by the Food Shoppe lately then you haven’t had the pleasure of trying our new wheat-free, dairy-free casserole, which my family has affectionately named Jedi Pie.

Spring may be on its way, but some evenings in April can still be chilly and we just love a warm and hearty casserole to comfort us on those nights. Our casseroles are also designed to save you time on those nights when you’re rushing around – getting in from work just to turn back around to drop the kids off at whatever extracurricular they’re signed up for that night.

We use fresh, local ingredients in our casseroles whenever possible and no added fats, preservatives or sugars. The casseroles serve 3 to 4 people and the Jedi Pie, specifically, is also perfect for any dietary restrictions related to gluten and dairy sensitivities.

So next time you’re short on time and need a fast fix that’s still nutritionally delicious, be sure to stop by the Food Shoppe for our new Jedi Pie.


Image: -Marcus- / Free Digital Photos.net

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