I’ve told you about the no added fats, preservative- and sugar-free casseroles that we offer at the Never Enough Thyme Food Shoppe, but did you know that buying them actually pays off? In addition to taking away some meal preparation from you, purchasing casseroles from the NEThyme kitchen also gets you a frequent customer casserole card. If you buy 9 casseroles, your 10th one is free!

The casseroles serve three to four people and can either be pre-ordered and picked up piping hot for dinner; or, you can buy one of our frozen entrees and heat it up in your own oven. Our dinner in a hurry can be ordered by 3:00 p.m. and ready for 5:00 p.m. – serving four to six people.

Hearty casseroles are available in small, medium and large and come in such flavours as zesty meat lasagna, chicken primavera pot pie, traditional shepherd’s pie, braised beef ragout with piped mashed potato, Ontario lamb curry with whole wheat cous cous, wheat-free lasagna, and macaroni and cheese.

Now that the weather is getting chillier, it’s also that time of year for a nice hot bowl of soup, which we sell in jars in various flavours. We have a recycling program for our soup jars that gets you $0.50 back on your next soup purchase for each jar you return. Some people end up with a free jar of soup with this deal!

One litre jars come in seasonal flavours and traditional classics, including: maple roasted butternut squash*, gingered carrot *, Moroccan tomato* (contains peanuts), Thai chicken, cauliflower and lentil*, roasted bell pepper and basil*, chicken tortellini, forest mushroom, leek and potato, tomato cream cheese, beef barley, and potato bacon chowder.

Stop by our new Food Shoppe at 83 Arthur Street South in Elmira and let us take care of dinner. Be sure to take advantage of our frequent customer perks.

*wheat- and dairy-free.

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