We’re halfway through August and, dare I say it, summer is almost over (doesn’t it feel like it just started?!). Fall in our kitchen means root vegetables, casseroles, and of course, hearty soups. And what would a bowl of soup or a casserole be without some bread to sop up the juices?

That’s why we’re excited to announce that at the end of this month, we’ll be starting to bake bread in the Never Enough Thyme kitchen and it’ll be available for you to pick-up along with your other treats at the Food Shop.

Bread is a staple food that I think we sometimes take for granted – especially the traditional method of preparing it from scratch. Even if you’re not the one to do all the work, surely you can still appreciate a fresh, homemade loaf of bread.

Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods that has historically been popular around the world; but its significance goes beyond the plate and is ingrained (pun intended!) in many cultures. For instance, in Christianity, bread is an important part of the Eucharist at mass. And in some cultures, the type of bread one buys is a sign of social and economic circumstances – buying the more expensive bread means you’re financially secure, for example.

And of course, the term “breaking bread”, metaphorically refers to “having a meal together”. So, whichever bread you choose to “break”, we hope you choose to share it with those who are important to you. Cheers!